Stopgap partial budget passes GA

SIU System President Randy Dunn issued the following statement following the General Assembly’s passage of Senate Bill 2059 which provides stop-gap funding for Illinois universities:

“Today, lawmakers, in a bi-partisan fashion, voted to throw universities a lifeline. For SIU, this well appreciated stop-gap measure will give us the ability to operate into the remainder of the year without having to enact, at least for the next six months, the draconian layoffs and budget cuts I presented before the Board of Trustees last month.  It also allows us to plan for operations with an uncertain level of funding now as well as for next year.  It is by no means a final spending plan for this fiscal year – a fact acknowledged by almost every legislator who rose to speak on the bill’s behalf.  We thank them for their acknowledgement that there is still work to be done and look forward to continuing our efforts with our campus and state-wide elected officials as they continue to fix this state budget and live up to the covenant the State of Illinois has with its public universities.”