Statement from SIU President Randy Dunn on Passage of State Spending Plan that includes Stopgap Funding for SIU Campuses

It’s been a long year and Southern Illinois University, like so many others, has worked very hard to make ends meet as we have operated without a full year’s budget. This week, we saw a real bipartisan breakthrough in the budget impasse and first and foremost, I want to acknowledge all our elected officials who came together to push for this much needed funding plan. It is not everything we want, but it ensures the university will continue to successfully support our core academic programs and critical student services with fewer disruptions through the end of the year. It also reimburses the University for covering spring 16 MAP grants which are so important to thousands of our students.


On behalf of the SIU campuses, we are very appreciative of the dollars we will be receiving to help fund university operations which, as we have been saying, will also translate into support for the communities within the footprint of the SIU System where our students and staff live and work. We look forward to continuing to work with our legislators and the governor to find a lasting solution to fund higher education in Illinois.


First Read:  SIU System and Higher Education Funding contained in House Amendment #5 to SB 2047:

  • $106.1 million for SIU System-wide university operations
  • $625,000 for the SIUE Pharmacy school
  • $155,500 for fire protection at SIUE
  • $54,000 for SIU Scholarship Grants
  • Re-appropriation of funds for Capital Projects including: $24.6 million for SIUE Science Lab and $1.4 million for SIUC fire alarm system
  • $151 million for state-wide reimbursement of MAP Grants to all public and private colleges and universities.  The SIU System should receive approximately $8.4 million in MAP reimbursements.