SIU Matters Updates

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President Dunn and SIU representatives advocated for funding for the SIU system at Senate and House hearings in Springfield.

Thanks to the students, faculty and staff who have voiced their concerns over proposed budget cuts. Go to “how you can help” and add you name today.

Did you know? Proposed state budget cuts would leave SIU with funding levels not seen since the mid-1980’s.

Families and loved ones living with Alzheimer’s will be impacted by budget cuts. Learn more.

President Dunn and the SIU team continue to push for fair funding for the university at the state capital.

Did you know? Eliminating state funding for the SIUE School of Pharmacy would greatly reduce community services provided to approximately 15,000 Illinois residents annually through patient care at hospitals and clinics.

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Did you know? For every state dollar spent, SIU Carbondale generates approximately $8.25 of economic impact in the local economy. A 31.5 percent funding reduction would equal a loss of over $363 million to the Illinois economy.

SIU advocated for no cuts to the budget for Amtrak funding, which is an important transportation resource for students, faculty and staff on all campuses.