Budget Pressures

SIU System

Under the devastating 31.5 percent cut, the SIU system would lose $63.6 million – $44 million to the combined SIUC/School of Medicine budget and $19.6 million to SIUE, including total loss of appropriations to the SIUE School of Pharmacy. This would reduce university state funding to levels last seen in the mid-1980s.

In addition to potential tuition increases, if the proposed budget is adopted by the General Assembly, instructional staff would have to be reduced, meaning larger class sizes, reduced availability of required classes, and extended time to degree completion. Also, student services would be reduced, including support for career development, academic advising and support for students with disabilities and first generation minority students.

Each university’s ability to offer student support services for supplemental instruction, academic advising, career development support and experiential learning would be reduced. Reductions could likely drive students away from Illinois to attend public and private universities in other states, which would only increase Illinois’ position as one of the leading net exporters of students.

 SIU School of Medicine

Because the School of Medicine prioritizes admissions for students from rural areas and disadvantaged families, these students often have fewer financial resources. Increasing tuition to compensate for cuts will put medical school out of reach for some and further increase debt for others, forcing them to practice outside of rural and underserved areas.

Reductions in community health and outreach programs that will have broad reaching impact on the health and health care services in central and southern Illinois.

Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU Impact

A 31.5 percent proposed budget cut would force the reduction or elimination of services for citizens of central and southern Illinois. The number of physicians, cancer researchers and related clinical support staff would be downsized and patient clinics, which have nearly 1,700 patient visits each month, would be reduced. Lastly, educational programs and supportive services for individuals in rural and underserved areas would no longer be sustainable.

Centers for Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders

The FY 16 proposed budget provides no funding for SIU’s Center’s for Alzheimer’s disease and Related Disorders. This total loss will jeopardize patients who will find fewer clinic services available, fewer appointments, less time with doctors, and fewer resources available for their care as well as a loss of clinical trial opportunities to our patients.

SIUE School of Pharmacy / SIU School of Dental Medicine

The FY 16 proposed budget provides no funding for the SIUE School of Pharmacy. This total loss of funds would greatly reduce community services provided to approximately 15,000 Illinois residents annually through patient care at hospitals and clinics.

Additionally, it would jeopardize operation of the only Drug Information and Wellness Center (DIWC) outside of Chicago which provides invaluable assistance to health professionals as they provide care to the citizens of Illinois.

The proposed cuts to Medicaid, which would no longer pay for adult dental work at the SIU Dental School, would be devastating to the middle and low income individuals.  For example the loss of adult Medicaid in 2012 resulted in approximately 4000 fewer paid routine dental appointments for adults, who are primarily from rural and lower social economic areas, whose only care support is through the school.